Griffin Home Shot more than 125 Times

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A Griffin family is moving away after their home was shot more than 125 times. Griffin police said someone sprayed the house with gunfire early Sunday morning.

The woman who lives in the East Griffin home did not want to be identified for fear of safety. She told FOX 5 News after police left, she and family members discovered more bullets casings and holes in the walls.

She said there was only one room not pierced by a slug. The family car was left inoperable when a bullet pierced the gas tank. They left much of their furniture behind because it was ruined by gunfire.

Their refrigerator, big screen television and other items were also destroyed by bullets.

There were so many bullet holes in the home, they had to be numbered. Griffin police said they discovered two different caliber casings, suggesting at least two shooters.

The woman who lives in the home said she was grazed in the stomach. No one else was injured, even though her 10-year-old son, boyfriend, and other family members were all huddled for safety in other parts of the house.

Griffin police said they suspect the shooting was gang-related and connected to an incident at a Griffin High School basketball game recently.

The woman said she doesn't understand why she was targeted. She also said a nephew goes to Griffin High School.

Neighbor Tamara Roberts said the gunfire woke her family. She urged police to take quick action in capturing the shooters because there are children in the neighborhood.

The victim said she wanted to go public with her concerns, hoping for an arrest. Her home was empty of its contents after the family quickly left.

Anyone with information on the case is urged to contact the Griffin Police Department.