Griffin family mourns death of 21-year-old mother

A Griffin family is grieving for a 21-year-old mother who died days after a car accident in Henry County sent her to the hospital with serious injuries.

Briana Dewberry's aunt described her as a quiet glamour girl with a big heart. Her fiancé said he fell for her fast and spoke to her not even an hour before the accident that would ultimately end her life.

Even a quick trip to the grocery store was reason enough for 21-year-old Briana Dewberry to look put together, her family said.

"I was her makeup artist," Briana's aunt, Kishara Barrett, said. "She'd always call me to come do her makeup, even when I lived an hour away she'd call me to go do her makeup."

Barrett said their large, tight-knit family still grapples with knowing the mother and fiancé never made it home from work last week.

"It tore not only me but the whole family apart because it was so out of the blue," she said.

Just before midnight last Wednesday, Henry County police said Brianna was driving on Highway 155 south near King Mill Road.

Another car collided with Briana's vehicle. She was sent to the hospital where she stayed in a comatose state for several days.

Her fiancé, who was too upset to speak on camera, said he had just spoken with her before she took a break from her job at a nearby manufacturing plant.

Briana's aunt said she expected her to pull through.

"It took me a while to grasp that she's not going to be with us physically, but I know she's still here," Barrett said.

The family said she passed away Saturday, leaving behind that large, caring family, including her three-year-old-son.

"He's too young to know what's going on and to see him, still hopping off the walls, and this same energy he had before this tragic accident it makes you look at life a whole different way," Barrett said.

"Even when I lived an hour away, she'd call me to go do her makeup," she said.

Just as distance was no deterrent, Briana's death didn't stop her built-in make-up artist from delivering.

"I did her makeup for the last time this morning," Barrett said Friday.

Henry County police said a 30-year-old man survived the crash. His charges are pending.

Those interested in assisting the family can click here.

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