Gregory McMichael's attorneys say different narrative will emerge in Ahmaud Arbery murder case

For the very first time, the criminal defense team representing Gregory McMichael spoke out. Friday, Franklin and Laura Hogue addressed the media outside their law firm in Macon.

The Hogue's have only been representing McMichael for a few days but said they've uncovered evidence pointing to a different narrative than the one presented.

"We have amassed witnesses, documents, videos that tell a different story about Gregory, his son, and Ahmaud Arbery," Franklin Hogue said.

Their client and his son Travis are accused of gunning down 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery back in February while he was allegedly just innocently jogging down a road in Brunswick.

"The facts that matter will come out in a courtroom where they can be cross-examined and evaluated by a jury," Laura Hogue said.

As to what evidence, they've uncovered, the Hogue's declined to comment saying that some of it will be revealed during McMichael's preliminary hearing.

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But the videos, the chilling final moments of Arbery's life that's shaken the nation, Hogue said there's more footage to be seen and the ones that have been released may have some discrepancies.

"There are a number of videos, photographs, and records," Laura Hogue said. "All of those will have to be assimilated and on a timeline to find out what happened on the 23rd. There are issues with timing, date stamps, and "the video" may not be the only one that's important in the case.

The Hogue's said their client is innocent until proven guilty and has not been charged the same as his son.

"He's been charged as a party to the crime," Laura Hogue said.

The Hogue's said they have been in contact with Travis McMichael's attorneys but at the end of the day, each has their own separate client to represent.

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