Grandmother talks about double homicide in Powder Springs

Shannon Wilson says it is a question that haunts her. Who killed her son, Anthony Costner and his wife, Catherine, in front of their precious 3-year-old daughter Kinsley. Wilson believes the shooter was likely someone the young couple knew.

"Wonder why... why would someone kill a mom and dad and leave a baby behind... for her not to have a mom and dad," Wilson questioned.

The tire tracks still remain on Parks Drive where a red 2000 Grand Am came to rest. Powder Springs Police said they found 24-year-old Anthony Costner dead inside the vehicle. His common law wife, 22-year-old Catherine Costner, was clinging to life. Police said the couple had been shot. But, amidst all the violence, officers made an amazing discovery in the backseat - a small child.

"The 22-year-old female in the vehicle sustained one gunshot.  The 24-year-old male received multiple gunshots. Luckily, the 2-year-old in the vehicle was unharmed,” Deputy Chief of Powder Springs Police Matt Boyd said.

Rescue officials rushed Ms. Costner and the couple's daughter to Kennestone Hospital. Police said the 22- year-old didn't make it, but her daughter who was in a car seat at the time, checked out fine and is in DFACS custody now. 

Wilson said "Tony and Cat" grew up together and dated in high school before marrying and having little Kinsley 3 years ago.

"She told me since she was a little girl that she was going to marry him and have babies. They had their whole: life ahead of them," the grandmother said.

The toddler's grandmother can't imagined what little Kinsley saw Thursday morning. Police told Wilson Kinsley was screaming when they found her inside the Grand Am

Police said they are asking for the public’s helping finding out who shot the Costners and why.

"We are trying to establish anything that will become a lead…whether that is video, talking to any witnesses, so anything we can do we are looking into," Boyd said. 

Anyone who saw the Costners or their car over the last 48 hours should call police. Boyd said Crime Stoppers is offering up to a $2,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest.

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