Grandmother Carjacked At Gunpoint

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A neighborhood in Southwest Atlanta is outraged after a grandmother is held up at gunpoint and carjacked.

"Please don't kill me... please don't kill me," said 64-year-old Karen Johnson, who told FOX 5 those words ran through her mind as someone pointed a gun at her and ordered her to lie face-down on the ground.

The ordeal happened outside her driveway in a cul de sac off Collines Avenue, located in the Montclair subdivision in Southwest Atlanta. Ms. Johnson said she did not see anyone follow her home, and was ambushed Friday early evening as she went to check her mail at the mailbox.

"That's all I was thinking about- not seeing [my grandson] again," said the new grandmother.

Ms. Johnson had just purchased a brand new Lexus GS 350 two weeks ago. She said the robbers sped off with it, but not before accidentally striking a second getaway car.

Fulton County Police are investigating the crime.

Neighbors tell FOX 5 they are working to step up community efforts against crime, after this latest incident and other similar crimes in the area.