Grand jury indicts Clayton County serial rape suspect on 60 counts

A grand jury in Clayton County has returned a 60-count indictment against a suspected serial rapist.

Kenneth Thomas Bowen III, 24, was arrested at the end of August for a series of rapes beginning in 2015. Most of the attacks took place within a 2-mile radius of his home. The crimes happened at area apartment complexes over several years.

Police said his DNA matched at least eight rape cases. His face, investigators said, matched the sketches put together by three victims and a GBI forensic artist.

The counts against Bowen include:

  • 7 counts of rape
  • 5 counts of aggravated sodomy
  • 5 counts of kidnapping
  • 6 counts of armed robbery
  • 8 counts of false imprisonment
  • 16 counts of aggravated assault
  • 8 counts of burglary
  • 1 count attempted rape
  • 1 count cruelty to children in the first degree
  • 1 count of aggravated battery
  • 1 count of terroristic threats
  • 1 count of possession of a firearm during a crime.

Detectives said in each case, the woman's cell phone was taken so she couldn't call for help. Some of the women had children in their homes and even in their beds during the assaults. One victim, said police, was nine months pregnant and complied because she didn't want her baby harmed.

Bowen remains in the Clayton County Jail without bond.

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