Grady Memorial Hospital in downtown Atlanta no longer on lockdown after shots fired

Grady Memorial Hospital in downtown Atlanta was temporarily put on lockdown Wednesday afternoon due to an incident near the hospital. 

According to Atlanta Police Department, officers responded to a parking garage near the hospital to investigate reports of shots fired. APD emphasized that there is not an active shooter and no one has been shot or injured.

A person at the scene told FOX 5 Atlanta:

"It was chaos, people running, people trying to get inside to shelter. I help a lot of seniors who walk with canes. A lady was on the floor hiding behind a truck. We were all scared," according to witness Giovanni Connor. 

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The witness also told FOX 5 Atlanta that he heard approximately 30 gunshots and said he was surprised there would be violence in that area since it's so "heavily trafficked."

"It was a lot of shooting for nobody to get touched."

FOX 5 Atlanta also talked to a food truck vendor across the street from the hospital. He said that he and his customer jumped under his truck to hide when they heard the gunshots. He said it reminded him of the shooting at the Midtown medical center a few months ago.

"I didn't know if someone was trying to shoot up the parking lot or Grady or what. It just sounded like it was all over the place" John Koryan said.

He also said that he is grateful that the police responded so quickly to the scene. 

At around 2 p.m., police officers could be observed sweeping the roof of the parking garage. APD says multiple vehicles were damaged by gunfire and that it appears that the incident involved multiple people who know each other. At this time, they have one person they believe was involved and are still looking for others. 

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