Governor Kemp announces budget priorities

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Georgia's new governor plans to invest in education and public safety during this year's budget process.

Speaking to lawmakers and business professionals at the Georgia Chamber's annual Eggs and Issues Breakfast Wednesday morning, Gov. Brian Kemp highlighted some of the issues he plans to tackle during the budget process, especially the issue of teacher pay raises.  

"To ensure a bright and promising future in our state, we must invest in those who educate, inspire and lead our students," said Kemp.

The governor said he plans to detail his teacher pay plan during Thursday's State of the State Address.

State Board of Education member Matthew Krull said the pay raises could help keep talented educators where they are needed most--at low performing schools.  

"Especially in the south Georgia and rural areas of Georgia, it's hard to retain those teachers when they could go to a metro district and make more money," said Krull.

Kemp also announced plans to amend the current state budget to include $69 million for school security grants in the amount of $30,000 for each of the state's public schools.  He said it would be up to local school districts to decide how to use the money. 

The governor plans to allocate $500,000 to create a gang task force at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.