Governor Deal tours Irma damage

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From storm surge along the coast to downed trees and power lines, Georgia's Governor said Hurricane Irma packed a punch.

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"What we saw was that we have had a lot of damage and I think it is indicative of the extent of the damage that has affected many part of our state," said Governor Nathan Deal, R- Georgia. 

Deal held a news conference in Habersham County after the tour and spoke about what he saw.

"The primary difficulty now is the loss of power and internet service," Deal said at the news briefing. "It is spotty. It is not like what you would see if you were looking at the path of a tornado. It seems like it is indiscriminate as to where it hits." 

Thursday Deal took an aerial tour of Habersham and Banks counties as well as parts of the coast.   Unlike a tornado, the Governor said Irma's destruction was more widespread.

"There are just so many trees that are older trees and they are very susceptible to coming down in high winds," explained Governor Deal.  "When they do, they do a lot of damage when they fall."

One of those trees fell up the street from Anthony Deleon's home on York Drive in Habersham County. 

"It was a big explosion," Deleon recalled.  "I was in my backyard and you could here it all the way from there.  It was pretty big."

Deleon and most others in the area have been without power since Monday.

"I've had time to reflect on how thankful I am that I'm alive and the fact that so many others are worse off than we are," said Jane Gulley, who also lives in the neighborhood. 

Governor Deal said he is pleased with the storm response from everyone involved. 

"They are doing everything they can and everybody that's at every level of government is doing everything that they can to try to bring us back to normal just as fast as possible," said Governor Deal. 

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