Gov. DeSantis announces $500 million to raise salaries of Florida teachers

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill on Wednesday that will allocate $500 million to raising teacher's salaries, bringing Florida from the 26th highest average teacher salary in the nation to the 5th.

Gov. DeSantis made the major announcement from the Mater Academy in Hialeah Gardens. He said that $500 million is being allocated to teachers throughout the state of Florida, raising their average minimum salary from the 26th highest in the nation to 5th. Of that amount, $100 million is going towards experienced teachers who are already making more than the average minimum.

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DeSantis said that he hopes this will entice more people to go into teaching and help them have a good minimum salary and meet end's meet.

This was also said to be the single largest teacher's compensation package in the history of the state of Florida.

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