'Got the spider!' Couple's joke on demolished house goes viral

Photo credit: Joshua Bohl

Some people really hate spiders. So much so that they would tear apart a house to track down and kill the 8-legged creatures.

Well, a South Dakota couple decided to play off that joke using a little spray-paint and their demolished house. The joke is now a hit on the internet!

Jeff Hopkins and his girlfriend tore down their second home in Renner. As they looked at the pile of rubble, they started to brainstorm something to write on the roof to give themselves a laugh.

'Got the spider!' is what they came up with.

"I didn't think anybody would really notice," Hopkins told the Argus Leader. "We did it just to make us laugh."

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Joshua Bohl noticed. He was passing by the house when he snapped the photo that has now gone viral. 

"It made somebody smile for a day," Cronk told the Argus Leader. "It made somebody stop and giggle for a few minutes and remember that life doesn't always have to be a hustle and bustle. To me it's a blessing, because we made somebody smile and laugh about it."