Good Samaritans Rescue Man on Fire from Burning Gas Pump

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A Woodstock man is being hailed a hero after he put his own life on the line to save a man on fire. The whole thing was captured on video. The 911 calls were released Friday.

WARNING: The surveillance video is extremely graphic

Billie Houston was at the Chevron station at Trickum Road and Shallowford Road on Thursday morning. He said he saw a man fueling up his motorcycle. Houston said the bike was still running when he saw the gas overflowing and heard the bike backfire.

Within seconds, the bike was on fire and the man was engulfed in flames. That’s when you see Houston jump into action. He rushes to the man and uses his own sweater to smother the flames. He forced the man to stop, drop and roll. Then, he held the man’s hand until medics arrived.

Houston said he only knows the man is 53-years-old and his name is Dennis. He was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital and was last listed in critical condition.  Houston was treated and released with burns to his hands.

Firefighters are still investigating exactly what started the fire, but remind everyone to never leave your vehicle running, and don’t take your eye off the gas nozzle.