Good Day Atlanta viewer information: September 22, 2021

Interactive adventure takes players down to The Depths: 

We’ve gone live from some exciting places on Good Day Atlanta, including rollercoasters, waterslides, and high atop mountains.  So when we heard about something called The Depths in Cobb County, we knew we needed to go there!

The Depths is actually the newest attraction inside The Escape Game Atlanta, the cutting-edge collection of escape rooms located at The Battery Atlanta. 

So, why is it called The Depths? Because players experience the feeling of going deep into the ocean to a recently-discovered undersea base where it turns out some very disturbing experiments once took place. What secrets are hidden inside the abandoned laboratory? You and up to seven other players only have one hour to find out and get back up to the surface, or else…

The Depths joins other popular Escape Game adventures including Gold Rush, Special Ops: Mysterious Market, and Playground — all of which were featured on Good Day Atlanta back in 2019. Admission to The Depths is $34.99 per person, and the experience may be reserved online in advance. The Escape Game Atlanta is located at 900 Battery Avenue Southeast, Suite 1020, in Atlanta.

So, how did the Good Day feature team do collecting clues and solving puzzles far beneath the surface of the sea?  If you have a "sinking" feeling that it didn’t go so well…you’re probably right!  Click the video player to check out our morning exploring The Depths!

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