Good Day Atlanta viewer information October 8, 2020

Cross Keys High School Team of the Week:  For more information click here.

Ken Coleman talks job searching during a global pandemic:  The quest to make that dream job a reality may seem like a bit of a challenge during a global pandemic.  From social distancing to wearing masks, Covid 19 has changed how the workforce operates.  And as the economy continues to fluctuate, millions have been forced to navigate through ways to find employment.  Joining us with insight on "how to land a job in the age of Covid" is Career Coach and radio personality with the Ramsey Group, Ken Coleman.   For more information on Ken Coleman click here. 

K3 Sisters Band talk Tik Tok success and new music: In just a year, the K3 Sisters Band has exploded across TikTok and social media, with Teens and Tweens alike falling in love with the girl's beautiful songwriting and lyrics, funny original videos, and amazing cos-play costumes. The band consist of 3 sisters from Dallas, Texas. Kaylen, Kelsey and Kristen got their viral start on "Tik Tok." The sisters were selected to be apart of the apps billion dollar creative fund due to their influence. The group is known for performing harmonic melodies inspired by "Harry Potter." They also have their own original music as well. The band has a weekly live show on Youtube, and has recently relesed their own live album titled "My Time." You can follow the band on Tik Tok @K3SistersBand To check out their Youtube channel click here.

Kevin Ross talks latest project Audacity Vol. 2Kevin Ross is an award-winning singer/songwriter from Washington, D.C. His songwriting credits include Tank, Trey Songz (Billboard #1 hit and platinum selling single "Touchin', Lovin'), Jamie Foxx, Jacob Latimore, SWV, Toni Braxton (2019 Grammy nominated "Sex & Cigarettes") and a host of others. Kevin is most known for his own Top #1 Billboard hit, "Long Song Away", that was released on his first album The Awakening via Motown Records. His most recent project Audacity Vol. 2 can be found on all music platforms. With the climate of our country today, and racial injustice being displayed quite often through social media, among other places, Kevin used his platform to push a message to the world. His song "Real Black" features artists Trevor Jackson and Jacob Latimore. To listen to the song click here, and you can follow Kevin on social media @KevinRossMusic.

Samantha Harrelson talks cooking with Pumpkin during the fall: This month is National Bake and Decorate month. Fall sort of kicks off the holiday season, and Pumpkin is often used during this time. Whether it be for decorating or for recipes. You should know there's more than just pumpkin spice latte' and coffee at your favorite coffee shop. Foodie and event planner Samantha Harrelson shares how you can use pumpkin, to spice up your taste buds. Check Samantha out on Instagram @Samantha_Jane_