Good Day Atlanta Viewer Information: November 12, 2020

Marie Osmond and Carly Hughes on their new Lifetime Christmas movie:  Legendary entertainer Marie Osmond may have one of the sunniest personalities in show business, but in the new holiday flick The Christmas Edition, she’s a little bit country...and a whole lotta Scrooge.

“Well, you know, I've been me for multiple decades now, so it's really time for me to be someone else,” laughs the Grammy-nominated singer.

The Christmas Edition follows a young journalist — played by Carly Hughes — as she takes over a small newspaper in Alaska.  Hughes says the Lifetime movie is filled with holiday flavor (gingerbread flavor, to be exact…watch the movie and you’ll understand), even though it was filmed in August in Utah.

"I mean, my Christmas tree has been up since Halloween, so I can be in the Christmas spirit at the drop of a dime,” laughs Hughes.  “But the thing that got me was that heat and wearing 18 layers of Christmas clothing!”  

But both stars say that heat has nothing on the warm feeling they both get being part of a project built on Christmas cheer — especially as a tough year comes to an end.

"My mom and I are like this,” says Hughes, crossing her fingers.  “So, it's heartbreaking. I can't fly, she can't fly, so I have not seen her, by Christmas, in over a year.  So, to do this film meant everything, because she gets to see me at Christmas, in her home.”

Of being part of Christmas traditions, Osmond adds, "I started out at three years old in Andy Williams Christmas specials. Bob Hope, when I was doing all my country hits, I toured all over with Bob…so this is a great tradition.  I love traditions, I love things that people can count on.  And if you can't go out and see your family, like Carly was saying, there's nothing better than making a television date."

The Christmas Edition premieres on Lifetime Sunday night at 8:00 p.m.; click here for more information.


Laurence Fishburne on Good Day Atlanta:  Laurence Fishburne has an impressive body of work from dramatic roles to blockbuster films.  Now, he's adding host and narrator to his resume in a new show called "History's Greatest Mysteries."  He joins us live with more on the show. For more information click here.

Be Someone Organization offering free virtual chess lessons: Covid-19 has forced many things that are normally face-to-face to transition to virtual. Orrin Hudson, CEO of the "Be Someone Organization has taken his free chess lessons to zoom. The lessons are for youth ages 8-18, but he's also giving free lessons to senior citizens. The organization is to help shape the youth into recognizing their true potential, and lead them towards success. Hudson believes chess is one way to learn how to make good, decisions and your next move your best move. For more information on the organization and free chess lessons click here.

Seth Savoy talks new film "Echo Boomers":  At just 28-years-old, Seth is making his feature film debut with the upcoming crime drama “Echo Boomers.” The film, which stars Academy Award Nominee Michael Shannon, Alex Pettyfer, and Patrick Schwarzenegger, follows broke college disillusioned thieves who break into the homes of the wealthiest people in Chicago. Originally penned in 2015, Seth took his script for "Echo Boomers" to Sundance, where he won an independent pitch competition and captured the industry’s attention. The film was eventually acquired by Saban Films and will release in select theatres, on demand, and digital on November 13, 2020. You can check out the trailer here. 

Dr. Peggy Whitson talks about the updcoming historic launch and voyage to the International Space Station on Good Day Atlanta: She has more experience in space than any other Astronaut in the Unitede States.  The 60 year old Bio Chemist--Dr. Peggy Whitson, has the most space walks of any female in the world.  Space X and NASA are gearing up for a historic Astraunaut launch and voyage to the International Space Station.  Dr. Whitson joins us with more on the upcoming event.  For more information click here. 

 Erica Key joins us with an American food favorite pizza:  This week she talks about some of the hot pizza spots in Atlanta that are serving up seasonal flavors.  For more information on Erica Key or Eating with Erica click here.