Good Day Atlanta viewer information May 20, 2020

NFL superstars host new FOX series 'Ultimate Tag'

“The Masked Singer” comes to an end tonight, which means you’ll be looking for a new television obsession.  Good news — right after the big finale, FOX will introduce a new competition series that’ll have you yelling “You're it!”

“Ultimate Tag” premieres on FOX 5 Atlanta tonight and is an extreme version of the playground game everyone played growing up. The series is hosted by a trio of NFL stars who also happen to be brothers — JJ, TJ, and Derek Watt. Good Day's Paul Milliken sat down with JJ Watt last year in New York to find out more about the show.

"So, it's very simple. The rules are: don't get caught. But … it's on an unbelievable course, we have different obstacles — we have one obstacle that's 30 feet up in the air, a steel cage, and we don't have a harness on," Watt said. "We have other ones where we're running and you're flying through the air, and we have these professional taggers who are unbelievable athletes. So, it's got all this energy and intensity and physicality."

Watt says working with his brothers was a big reason he wanted to do the show.

"Obviously, it's a game my brothers and I played in the backyard all growing up, so it was a chance for us to all be together, a chance for us to host together.  And anytime you put my brothers and I together all in one room, you don't know what's going to happen. We could either get into a fistfight, we could have a wrestling match, or we could just talk trash to each other the whole time."

As for who won those childhood games, Watt says the answer is obvious:  "Well, I was the oldest, so I would always win, of course. Everybody knows that. But it would always end with someone running to tell mom. Every time would end with a tattletale!”

Don’t miss the series premiere of “Ultimate Tag” at 9 p.m. on FOX 5 Atlanta — click here to learn more about the show. 

Workout Wednesday with West Coast Workout's Tammy Stokes: 

This week Tammy Stokes teaches us how to get fit faster by tweaking your exercise routine.  For more information on Tammy Stokes or West Coast Workout click here.


1) Add a squat to your jumping jacks to make them more effective training the legs and cardio

2) Add a rotation to your lunges to train the legs and core muscles

3) Add a side bend to your plies to train your inner thighs and tone your waist

4) Add kicks to your squats to improve flexibility, burn more calories and work the abs.

5) Add a side plank to your push-ups to work the upper body and obliques.

Do 15-25 reps of each exercise, 3-5 days a week and you’ll see results in no time. 

Usher's New Look Foundation: 

Usher’s New Look is a nonprofit organization that transforms the lives of under-resourced youth through a comprehensive program which develops passion-driven, global leaders. Founded in 1999 by Usher Raymond IV and his mother Jonetta Patton, who were inspired after witnessing the dire narratives of Atlanta teens in a courtroom, UNL tackles the systemic barriers that prevent teens from graduating from high school and college.

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