Good Day Atlanta viewer information May 11, 2020

Time keeps on ticking for massive airport clock: View story here

Dr. Neil Winawer from Emory University answers the latest Coronavirus questions on Good Day Atlanta:  For more information on Dr. Neil Winawer or on his Coronavirus Q & A follow him on Instagram @neilwinawer. 

London Brown talks upcoming projects and life in quarantine: London Brown is known as "Reggie" on the hit HBO show "Ballers." His character is one that will forever be memorable because to some he's the most hated. London is working on a few other projects this year as well. He spoke with Sharon via skype to discuss being on the Funny Dance Show, BET's American Soul, and Starz's upcoming Power spin-off Power Book 3. You can follow London Brown on social media @reallondonbrown

Mark Owens from Jenn & Friends  Star 94.1 joins Good Day Atlanta's Ron Gant with more on the reported search by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for a permanent home in Los Angeles.  For more information on Mark Owens or Star 94.1 click here.