Good Day Atlanta viewer information: March 29, 2021

Dreams take flight at Chamblee stunt gym :  

With people doing backflips over his head and sliding across the floor past his legs, life really is an action movie for Brian Krainson.

Two years ago, the fitness trainer and then-aspiring stunt performer opened Worldwide Fitness Center and ATL Stunts in Chamblee, essentially creating the kind of place he’d been looking for.

"Primarily I wanted to have a place to train stunts because it's hard to find places to train stunts," Krainson says. "Before you can get a job, you need training, right?"

Since then, Krainson and his team have focused on building a network of stunt professionals and students; through regular classes and special seminars, instructors at the facility cover tactical training, wirework, stunt falls, and fighting (including several types of martial arts). The goal? Preparing those looking for their big break into Georgia’s booming film business.  

"We want a nice, safe, friendly atmosphere for stunt performers, aspiring stunt performers, people who don't know where to go to start training," says Krainson. "I’d rather them come here and get some safe training, rather than trying something on their own."

"I've met so many people here, so many good people," student Ulysess Crapps said. "And the one thing I like about this place is, everybody that comes here … it's so much positive energy."

For more information on Worldwide Fitness Center and ATL Stunts — follow the links here and here.  And to check out our attempt at some blockbuster-style stunts (yes…it happened!), click the video player in this article! 

Atlanta Falcons Cheerleading Auditions: 

If you've ever dreamed of being an Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader, now is your chance. Auditions are coming up but first, the team is offering virtual dance prep classes and audition prep classes to get you ready. Ben and Danielle are two Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders, they join Good Day with more on auditions. 

For more information on how to participate in auditions and prep classes click here.

Britney Spears says celebs really inspired her during quarantine

Dash Radio's Kierra M talks about Britney Spears and the pandemic. The former pop star was on many people's social media timeline's over the past year for many different reasons. Now she's speaking on her own terms with a post on Instagram saying how some celebs have inspired her during quarantine. Among those were her sister Jamie Lynn Spears, actress Sharon Stone, and Miley Cyrus, just to name a few.

To keep up with the latest in pop, hip-hop culture, and motivational inspiration, follow Kierra on social media @KierraM. You can also listen to her on Dash Radio Southside.

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