Good Day Atlanta viewer information: March 24, 2021

Enjoying open-air dining at HOBNOB Atlantic Station: 

Outdoor dining options at Atlantic Station just became more plentiful, thanks to the opening of a new restaurant at the popular mixed-use destination.

HOBNOB Neighborhood Tavern is the latest addition to the lineup at Atlantic Station, taking over a large building overlooking Atlantic Green. HOBNOB, of course, isn’t a new name in the metro Atlanta culinary scene, with existing locations in Brookhaven and Dunwoody; the restaurant is part of the Big Table Restaurants group, owned by longtime Atlanta restaurateurs Sean and Becky Yeremyan.

Restaurant managers say what really makes the new Atlantic Station location special is the outdoor seating, which includes tables just outside the restaurant and on a rooftop patio. Outdoor dining options have been popular at Atlantic Station throughout the pandemic, as we learned from marketing director Kristie Ray during a recent visit.

"This idea of being able to be out in this outdoor space, people can get something to eat and come out and sit in our green space to eat, walk around if you want to go into a shop and do some shopping, but then come back out and get some fresh air," said Ray.

As for the food offered at HOBNOB, the restaurant’s website says it all: "Tavern Fare with Southern Flair." That means everything from fish and chips and chicken pot pie to award-winning burgers and even chicken and waffles sliders. Bartenders say they’ve also got one of the largest bourbon selections in the region.

For more information on HOBNOB Neighborhood Tavern, click over to the restaurant’s website here.

Workout Wednesday with Celebrity Trainer Tammy Stokes: 

It's Workout Wednesday with Tammy Stokes and she has a secret exercise series for sensational summer arms.  See the workout below. If you want to reach out to West Coat Workout click here.

Secret exercise series for sensational summer arms.

You’ll need a pair of light weights - 2 to 3 lbs work great. 

Do 25 repetitions of each exercise and repeat the series for three rounds.

  1. Arm Walks - Works chest, front shoulders and tones the outer arms
  2. Tug of Wars - Firms the biceps, back and contours the inner portion of the arms
  3.  Arm Pours - Works the front shoulders and tones the exterior portion of the arms
  4. Arm Swim - Creates beautiful contours of the arms and abdominals
  5. Punch Out, Punch Back - Tones the triceps
  6. W’s - For sexy arms and back

Do this series five days a week combined with a healthy diet and fall in love with your arms.

Pet of the day from the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia. For more information on how to adopt today's pet of the day click here.

Chef Taylor Neary from Alpharetta's Restaurant Holmes shares a swordfish recipe for viewers to try making at home.  For more information on Chef Taylor Neary click here.