Good Day Atlanta viewer information: March 17, 2021

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at Decatur fixture Brick Store Pub:

Decatur just wouldn’t be Decatur without Brick Store Pub, the cozy neighborhood beer bar that first opened in the summer of 1997.  And after an unprecedented year of challenges for the restaurant industry, the team there is thanking its loyal customers with a socially-distanced St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the garden.

Renowned for its selection of import beers — many of which aren’t available anywhere else nearby — the Brick Store Pub team will be pouring up plenty of Three Taverns Maury Dry Irish Stout, which staffers say pairs perfectly with Chef Rian Tittle’s menu specialties, including corned beef and cabbage today.

Throughout the pandemic, Brick Store Pub has offered outdoor seating on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant along with in its popular new Beer Garden, which the team opened up in back where there used to be a parking lot.  To-go ordering is also available online, by clicking here -- and there's a very cool "stroll-up" window in the alley beside the restaurant from which folks can order and pick up food and drinks.

Of course, we couldn’t let St. Patrick’s Day pass by without doing a little celebrating — so we spent the morning with the Brick Store Pub team — click the video player to check it out!

"Tasting History" with Max Miller: 

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