Good Day Atlanta viewer information April 22, 2020

Brookhaven restaurant offers virtual wine tastings:  

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from social distancing, it’s that a lot of things can be done virtually. On Good Day Atlanta alone, we’ve seen virtual birthday parties, weddings, game nights, and concerts — and now, one metro Atlanta restaurant is adding a new experience to the list, one that’s sure to please fans of red, white, and rose.

Brookhaven restaurant Terra Terroir is now hosting Social Distance Wine Tastings, involving three different wines, artisan cheeses, charcuterie selections, and French bread. OK, we know what you’re thinking — how is it possible to “virtually” taste wine and good? 

Here’s how it all works — participants in a group of two to six people choose a date and time for the experience, with at least 48 hours notice. Within an hour of the scheduled tasting, three half-bottles of wine and paired food will be delivered to all of the participants’ homes, and then a Zoom link will be emailed to each person about 20 minutes prior to the start time. With a click of the link, a sommelier appears on the screen for an interactive experience, talking guests through each of the wines.  A three wine program costs $95 per couple, and a four wine program (including an added dessert and dessert wine) is an additional $25.

For more information on the Terra Terroir Social Distance Wine Tastings — or to sign up for one — click here. Terra Terroir is also open seven days a week for curbside pickup and delivery — click here for a menu or to order.  


Workout Wednesday with celebrity trainer Tammy Stokes from West Coast Workout and Cafe West: 

For more on today's leg workout with Tammy Stokes see below.  For more information on West Coast Workout Studio or Cafe West click here.


1) High Kicks - warms up the hamstrings and glutes and improves flexibility 

2) Side Lunges - works all muscles of the core body and legs

3) Passe -  dance move that shapes the inner thighs 

4) Squats + Plies - shapes the legs and strengthens the core 

5) Plie Dance - elevates the heart rate and shapes the inner thighs 

Dealing with stress and insomnia during coronavirus:

Angela Buttimer is a psychotherapist and leadership and mindfulness expert, she joins Good Day Atlanta Katie Beasley to talk about dealing with stress and insomnia during staying home during the Coronavirus pandemic. For more informaiton on Angela Buttimer click here. 

Pet of the day is "Scout" from Furkids: For more information on how you can adobt "Scout" click here.

Breaking down the Prince Tribute Concert with Classix Radio 102.9's Niecey Shaw via Skype.  For more information on Niecey Shaw click here.