Get ready for a busy holiday travel weekend

Get ready for one of the busiest travel weekends of the whole year. 41.9-million people will be heading 50 miles or more away from home for the
Fourth of July weekend, according to AAA. That number is up from last year and the most since 2007, before the recession.
Right now gas prices are predicted to be the lowest in five years, meaning more people are hitting the roads in and out of the state this weekend.

"We're going with some friends to Lake Lanier and staying at a friend’s house and taking our little daughter up there and going to spend some time on the lake," says Grady Morris.
Expect the Georgia State Patrol to be out patrolling, working to keep your family safe. "We ask that drivers take their time, plan their route, don't drive once they get tired, take breaks, make sure they're vehicle is safe to travel on the roadway, make sure their children are properly restrained and just show patience for other drivers on the roadway," explains Georgia State Patrol Sgt. First Class John Cronin.
While most families are traveling by car, air travel is expected to be up the most this year.  "We're actually celebrating the 4th in Jamaica. We're just going to go down there and head to the beach," Belinda Mcintosh shares.
Which means navigating the world's busiest airport. "It will be pretty busy. It's very important to us to get there early. We will be there ahead of schedule so that we don't have any hiccups," Belinda adds.
Meanwhile, plenty of people are planning to stay put and enjoy the holiday from right here at home.
"Our plans are just to hang out at home with the kids, go to the pool, neighborhood pool party and just relax," says Jennifer Seay.
And that may be the safest place. The state warns that a busy, holiday weekend can be more dangerous.
Last year 14 people died from wrecks on Georgia roadways during the 4th of July weekend. GSP investigated a total of 414 wrecks.
"It's just a little bit scary out there during the holidays, especially in Atlanta," adds Jennifer.
Another big problem are impaired drivers. Last year GSP arrested 291 people for driving under the influence. "We take DUI's seriously. It's a serious crime, it affects a lot of lives in Georgia and it causes a lot of deaths, so if you're impaired and you shouldn't be driving, you're going to go to jail," adds Sgt. Cronin.
If alcohol will be a part of your celebration, GSP urges you to have a plan in place before you start drinking. Have a sober, designated driver or use a vehicle service like a taxi or Uber to get you safely to your destination.
The Georgia DOT is suspending all construction-related lane closures from Thursday at 5:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. on Monday. They also want to remind of you their Drive Alert, Arrive Alive campaign urging drivers to buckle up, stay off the phone and pay attention.