Georgians turn out in large numbers to watch solar eclipse

The excitement in downtown Atlanta was like a holiday. And like on a Christmas morning, there were those who were happy -- they got eclipse glasses -- and much more who had long faces when the free glasses ran out.

But in the festive mood of the day, strangers shared glasses so crowds of several hundred could share the experience just after two in the afternoon as the moon covered the sun. It wasn't total but significant enough to give watchers chills.

Laci Richardson was one. The pregnant mom took plenty of pictures and said her future baby boy will hear all about it one day.

Across from Woodruff Park, Georgia State University set out a giant telescope. Long lines of visitors took turns viewing the eclipse.

A few politicians circled the crowd, including John Lewis. He mused the moon and the sun were holding a little dance. He was asked if it might be possible for republicans and democrats to dance together. The Washington and civil rights veteran said that should be the goal.