Georgians debate narrow margins and legal challenges following presidential election

Some Georgia Republicans believe President Donald Trump has good reason to question the slim margins reported in battleground states following the presidential election. But Georgia Democrats insist his plans to take legal action further divide the country.

Nadia recently graduated from Boston University Law School and spent election day monitoring voting precincts. Marty, an I.T. specialist and Vice Chairman of The Black Man Lab, is confident the uncounted ballots in battleground states will get former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris into the White House.

But Jake, a Republican attorney who specializes in elections law, said the president has legitimate legal concerns. Ashley, who's a government affairs specialist and a vice president with the Atlanta Young Republicans, thinks the race will eventually go to Trump.

Carmen, an Independent voter and small business owner from Hall County, hopes all of the ballots are counted quickly and accurately before the country splits even further. They spoke to Fox 5's Portia Bruner in this post-election day edition of Your Take.