Georgia women gives new hair, hope to kids

What is it like to give new hope through a new look? Just ask a Lithia Springs woman who is stitching together wigs for children who have lost or can't grow hair.

Wig designer Quilla Bohannon recently started this labor of love. 

"I'm really about building confidence, not tearing children down. They deserve to feel like everyone else," she explained as she stitched a small, customized cap. 

A head of hair for little ones going through a whole lot medically helps give back some control. 

Quilla's newest client is Violet, whom she spoke with on FaceTime Tuesday night, getting a feel for what the 5-year-old wanted. Violet has leukemia and is beautiful with a bald head, but she really wants some locks to swing around as she dances:

"I like it longer and I like the purple with the pink beads," she instructed.

Quilla's social media inboxes have filled with requests from parents already dealing with the medical and financial burdens. Wigs aren't cheap. 

"It's hit a soft spot in my heart," she admitted.

But soft spots don't pay for supplies, like the beads, lace and human hair. So Quilla has started a fundraiser called Free Wigs for Kids.  

Here is the fundraiser link: