Georgia woman abandoned at birth and left near dumpster, searching for people who found her

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She was just hours old when she was abandoned and left in a box near a dumpster.

Now 36 years later, Amanda Jones has turned to social media to find those who found her, potentially saving her life.

Jones knows the dumpster was near 5600 Roswell Road in what is now Sandy Springs. It was a cold January day in 1983.

"Maybe someone walked out and found me and called the police and that's where my story begins," said Jones.

Jones posted on Facebook that she wanted to find the person or people who found her. She didn't think her plea would go viral. 

"I only have 54 friends on Facebook, I thought my little sign would reach a couple of people in the Atlanta area," said Jones.

People around the world are now sharing her post. It has helped her connect with the detective who worked her case.

"It is so wonderful to hear a first-hand account. She did follow me very closely. She said she came and saw me every day to make sure I made it out of the hospital," said Jones.

Jones also has the police report, but after 36 years, it's hard to make out the details.

Jones says a story out of Forsyth County earlier this year of a baby girl abandoned in the woods, touched her heart. Nurses named that infant "Baby India".

"Her story really did touch me and really did push me to do this.

While Jones is still searching for the person who found her back in 1983, she hopes the people who found Baby India will one day be able to share her story.

"I want the people who found her to know, do what you can to keep in touch with that little girl so when she is my age, she doesn’t have to wonder what happened, you can tell her," said Jones.