Georgia teen creates 'kindness' campaign to honor mom

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A Georgia teenager is channeling the loss of a parent in a remarkable way – creating an "Acts of Kindness Over Violence" campaign.

Fourteen-year-old Emmanuel Hawkins has trouble speaking due to complications during birth. He has grown up without his mother's care.

"I want the violence to stop and i don't want anyone else to die," he told FOX 5.

His mother may be gone, but she shaped who he is: kind, giving, and open. 

Emmanuel wants to show that there are good people in the world, so he's "pedaling" that message in his "Acts of Kindness Over Violence" campaign.

"It's a way to honor my mom," he says.

He and his grandmother are giving 18 bicycles to random strangers. They started their labor of love at a Walmart in DeKalb County Saturday."

"We're giving 18 bikes away to honor her. Because love conquers all. [Emmanuel's mom] Tara's not here, but I can still represent her by showing God's love," Emmanuel's grandmother said.

The message behind the gesture, they hope, will stay with each ride mile by mile.