Georgia takes in Florida shelter animals following Irma

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The Atlanta Humane Society took in about 150 animals from Broward County, Florida on Monday.

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“We secured a temporary emergency shelter facility last week that can house up to a thousand animals. So, we offered to take these guys in and give them a safe place to go,” said Christina Hill, Atlanta Humane Society.

The animals had been up for adoption prior to the storm, but Florida shelters are seeing more strays and displaced pets because of Hurricane Irma, so these animals were brought to Atlanta.

“These animals were already animals that were in the shelter prior to Hurricane Irma, so they're not displaced animals, they're not lost animals, they are animals that were already up for adoption prior to the hurricane,” said Hill.

The hope is that pet owners in Florida will be reunited with their pets while the pets sent to Georgia will find good new homes.

“By taking them into our care tonight, we're actually opening up space in those local shelters for animals that are lost and displaced, so those animals are going to have the best chance to find their owners when they stay locally,” said Hill.

About 100 cats and 50 dogs arrived at a temporary shelter in Roswell on Monday, but they won’t be staying long in Georgia.

“There are shelters coming here this week from Kansas, from Michigan, Minnesota all to take these guys into their care,” said Hill.

The Humane Society of Missouri has been helping the Atlanta Humane Society in the endeavor to bring the animals to the temporary shelter and move them to other parts of the country to help them find forever homes.

“We're anticipating potentially taking in more animals from Hurricane Irma, so we need to keep this space as clear as possible and continue to move these animals out and find them places as quickly as possible,” said Hill.

The Atlanta Humane Society is inviting anyone who wants to help to sign up for their Walk for the Animals on October 15 at Atlantic Station. For more information on that visit

Anyone who is looking to adopt an animal can visit