Georgia school district blocks YouTube over 'Momo Challenge' concerns

Parents are concerned over the so-called “Momo challenge” which resurfaced this week.

According to unverified reports online, the frightening face has started popping up in social media messages directed at kids.

The reports suggest the face challenges kids hurt themselves or even commit suicide.

Both YouTube and Facebook, two places linked to the challenge said the stories aren't accurate.

In fact, both companies said they haven't found any evidence that the videos and posts are real.

But one Georgia school district is not taking any changes. The Walton County School District said Thursday they are taking an extra step to protect students from the reported videos promoting self-harm.

Officials said they plan to restrict access to YouTube for all students across the district who use the school’s systems.

The district issued the following statement: "Students will not be allowed to access YouTube on school devices until further notice."