Georgia ranked 3rd pettiest state by new survey

The results of a new survey may or may not surprise you. Georgia has tied with several other states for the 3rd highest number of petty residents. 

At least Georgia wasn't the top of the list. That honor or dishonor in this case goes to the state of Alabama. They topped the list as the state with the highest levels of pettiness at 96%.

Nevada came in second at 95% and third place was a 5-way tie between Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, Illinois and Arkansas at 94%.

The District of Columbia is the least petty state with 67%, according to the survey results. Vermont is close behind with 68% and Nebraska and Utah follows with 71%.

According to, who conducted the survey, 84% of Americans admit to being petty.

The survey asked 3,000 Americans over the age of 18 to rate their pettiness on a scale of 1 to 10. They were also asked to rank what triggers their pettiness -- romantic relationships (22%); driving (18%); work (16%); friendships (15%); social media (14%); gaming (11%); and while playing sports (4%).

Here are some of the respondents' petty confessions:

  • "I almost ended a friendship over $3."
  • "Before moving out of my old apartment, I took all the batteries out of everything my jerk roommate owned."
  • "I'm the type that will slow down to 5 miles per hour if you tailgate me-then suddenly slam on the brakes. Watch out!"
  • "I turn the game off when my wife is winning."
  • "I put chewed gum in the door handle of someone who took a parking spot I had been waiting for."
  • "My boyfriend would not interact with me on social media, so I unfollowed him"
  • "I killed a friend in Zomboid (zombie game) because they were taking too long to loot the store."
  • "My girlfriend once forgot to put gas in the car, so I hid the keys when she wanted to go out."