Georgia Power unveils new logo

Georgia Power officially unveiled their new logo Thursday evening. The new red, green and blue logo represents the history of the company along with the future.

“It includes new colors like green to represent our renewable portfolio as well as blue to represent the natural gas that is now under Southern Company,” said Jacob Hawkins with Georgia Power.

The official unveiling took place with the lighting of the sign on their downtown building. Georgia Power spokesperson Jacob Hawkins said they’ve received reports in the past of people posing as Georgia Power workers and said they want people to know what the new logo looks like.

“They are going to see some of our old logos as we continue to roll out and change the red triangle with the lightning bolt in the middle, but they'll start seeing this new logo as well,” said Hawkins. “If you ever have any concerns that a Georgia Power employee at your door or out in the field may not be a Georgia Power employee we ask that you call our customer service line or your local police immediately.”

The more than 100-year-old company has only changed their logo four times. The red lightning bolt logo was in place for 20 years.

Employees said whether it is a new or old logo, Georgia Power workers will always have a Georgia Power badge, company marked vehicle and uniform shirt adding that if you are nervous about who is coming to your door call them or police. The electric company is also making sure their customers are aware of the new logo.

“Communication is key to informing our customers so that they know that the logo is going to be a slow transition, so some of the ways that we are doing that is electric living newsletter which a newsletter that comes along with your bill,” said Mayu Arita with Georgia Power. “We make sure that there was messaging in there informing customers that it was going to be a slow transition.”

Georgia Power staff said you can expect to see all workers wearing the new logo within six to 12 months.

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