Georgia Power promises new lights around Georgia Tech campus

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Georgia Power has heard the pleas from the Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields.

The chief asked the company to check the lighting in the communities surrounding Georgia Tech in the wake of armed robberies of students. Thieves prefer to do their business in the dark.

The company over the past several days has checked a dozen city blocks and found insufficient lighting.

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John Kraft said some, but not all of the lights are owned by Georgia Power. Repairs are being made.

Also, the company has committed to the city to erect new street lamps with no up-front cost to the city.

This will come as welcome news to students like Zach Buran, a Georgia Tech senior. He lives in Home Park, which is just northwest of the campus. Buran said he stopped walking on his street at night because of the insufficient lighting. He said he waits for the bus.

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