AG: Dozens arrested in 6-year investigation into Georgia drug trafficking conspiracy

Nearly three dozen people have been arrested in a six-year investigation into a drug trafficking conspiracy in Georgia.

Federal officials say the drug trafficking operation was centered in south Georgia and reached into the Caribbean.

The investigation, dubbed Operation Carpet Ride, began in January 2016 and tracked illegal drugs traveling through Georgia - specifically Bulloch, Burke, Candler, Effingham, Evans, Liberty, Richmond, and Tattnall counties.

The defendants are accused of importing a large quantity of cocaine, methamphetamine, and other drugs.

"The painstaking investigation in Operation Carpet Ride spans nearly six years and thousands of miles as it tracked illegal drugs flowing into the United States to the Southern District of Georgia and beyond," said U.S. Attorney David H. Estes. "Our law enforcement partners have done outstanding work in identifying, investigating and disrupting this drug trafficking organization." 

The suspects named in the indictment include:

  • Daniel Morales-Jimenez, a/k/a "Danny Hill," 45, of Puerto Rico;
  • Pedro Castro-Vasquez, a/k/a "Chipo," 50, of Puerto Rico;
  • Sonic Torres-Garcia, 24, of Kissimmee, Florida;
  • Kristine Albright-Ramos, 35, of Puerto Rico;
  • Alexys Rivera-Cuevas, 28, of Gainesville, Florida;
  • Luis Diaz-Albright, 20, of Puerto Rico;
  • Paola Morales Rosario, 24, of Kissimmee, Florida;
  • Clarence Bess, a/k/a "Cash," 41, of Jacksonville, Florida;
  • Laverne Pullins Jr., 70, of Jacksonville, Florida;
  • Demarr Clayton Lee, 52, of Miami, Florida;
  • Tony Deshawn Slater, 51, of Claxton, Georgia;
  • Domanek Laquan Mincey, 44, of Glennville, Georgia;
  • Anthony Craig Johnson, a/k/a "Pookie," 56, of Claxton, Georgia;
  • Andre Delerrain Anderson, 48, of Claxton, Georgia;
  • Phillip Dwayne Walden, 45, of Statesboro, Georgia;
  • Corey Ontavious Hendrix, 44, of Claxton, Georgia;
  • Enrique Humbra Denson Sr., 49, of Statesboro, Georgia;
  • Enrique Humbra Denson Jr., 29, of Reidsville, Georgia;
  • Kevin Derrell Ponder, 45, of Claxton, Georgia;
  • Terran Harvel Tigner, 35, of Glennville, Georgia;
  • Troy Sinclair Tigner, 35, of Glennville, Georgia;
  • Nicholas Rashon Fillmore, 42, of Hinesville, Georgia;
  • Marquese Shavel Palmer, 30, of Claxton, Georgia;
  • Michael Lynn Jinks, 47, of Glennville, Georgia;
  • Tony Anthony Warren, 38, of Claxton, Georgia;
  • Lance Boyette Ford, 39, of Glennville, Georgia;
  • Heather Elaine Barbee, 43, of Sylvania, Georgia;
  • Sean Christopher Brown, 43, of Savannah, Georgia;
  • Jarvis Charles Hagan, 31, of Claxton, Georgia;
  • Kenneth Bacon Hall, 51, of Glennville, Georgia;
  • Caleb Earl Riggs, 37, of Claxton, Georgia; and,
  • Gerald Walter Dasher, 52, of Glennville, Georgia.

Each man is charged with conspiracy to possession with the intent to distribute 5 kilograms or more of cocaine, 50 grams or more of methamphetamine, 28 grams or more of crack cocaine, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, and Marijuana. Individuals are also charged with drug possession and distribution, possession of illegal firearms, and more. 

The primary charge carries a minimum penalty of 10 years and the maximum penalty of life in prison.