Georgia-made thriller screens at Atlanta's Out on Film Festival

“When I auditioned, I was like, ‘This is amazing.  I’m not going to get it, but I love it!’”

Spoiler alert: Robyn Lively got it.  

The Daytime Emmy Award nominee gives a powerful performance in the new thriller "Through the Glass Darkly," starring as a mother desperately searching for her missing child. Directed by Lauren Fash and filmed in North Georgia, Lively says working on the project was a challenge from day one.

“I was in every scene of the movie, and I didn’t have a lot of prep time,” she says, remembering the lightning-fast journey from audition to filming.  

As for mastering her character’s speech and mannerisms, Lively explains, “I just try to get into the skin of the characters that I play, especially when they’re such a departure from anything I’ve ever played or so different from who I am innately.”

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That said, the Powder Springs native does share an important trait with Charlie, the mother she portrays in the film — both are Southern-born.

“I know these people. I’ve seen them growing up. I’ve seen their interactions, their reactions,” the actress says. “It really struck a chord with me and I could certainly relate.”

"Through the Glass Darkly" is currently on the festival circuit and is screening this weekend as part of Out on Film, Atlanta’s LGBTQ Film Festival.  This year’s festival is virtual, which means film-goers can view the event’s long, diverse list of films online.

For Lively — known for her work in dozens of films and television series — the festival is an exciting chance to share a work about which she is extremely proud and passionate.

“I just wish I could be there to watch it with everyone and be part of it, that would be so satisfying for me," she said. "But, yeah, I feel really honored to be part of the film and have it in this festival.  I just feel so elated.”

For more information on Out on Film and a full schedule of films, click here.

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