Georgia Instacart driver says she attempted food delivery to prison for 'death row inmate feast'

A delivery driver is attracting attention online after she claimed in a TikTok video that a food order she picked up was requested to be delivered to a prison for a death row inmate.

Chrishalea Farley, 39, a part-time Instacart driver from McDonough, Georgia, told Fox News Digital that she received a request for a large wing platter and potato wedges from a local Publix to be picked up and delivered to a location nearby.

Without thinking much about it, Farley said, she took the order and headed to the recipient's address. She then realized she was driving to Georgia Diagnostic and Classification State Prison in Jackson, where male death row inmates are housed.

She was directed to "See chaplain Miller for death row inmate…" – according to the Instacart order notes that showed on her app.

Farley said the day was a mix of emotions — but after officers turned the delivery away, she ended up feeding her family for free. (Chrishalea Farley)

"My initial reaction after reading the delivery information [was] I thought I was actually delivering a last meal to an inmate," Farley said.

Farley said that when she arrived at the prison, a correctional officer asked her to pull her car forward so that her delivery attempt could be reviewed.

Farley said she was shocked to read the delivery details and see that the food was to be delivered to a prison for a death row inmate's "feast." (Chrishalea Farley)

"I read it off and gave them the name, and I told them the person that they told me to contact, which was Chaplain Miller," Farley told Fox News Digital in a statement sent via text message.

"Once they [saw] it, they just told me that they [couldn’t] receive that particular order," she added.

Farley said she was advised to give the food away or donate it, since officers would not accept the order.

"The wings were kept, and me and my kids enjoyed a nice meal that evening," she said.

Farley recorded herself explaining the incident and posted the video onto TikTok, where it garnered more than 590,000 views.

Farley, an Instacart delivery driver from Georgia, said that she received a note along with a food order. The individual ordered a large wing platter and a side of potato wedges, Farley said. It's unclear if an inmate somehow ordered the food himself

The food order totaled $15.66 and Farley received a tip of $3.23, according to screenshots of Farley's shopper "batch summary," which she shared with Fox News Digital.

The dropoff occurred on April 10 at 1:13 p.m., and the distance from Publix to the prison was 38.4 miles, another screenshot of the order showed.

Farley said the bizarre moment ignited a mix of emotions – from her thinking that she was delivering someone’s final meal, to confusion about whether an inmate had ordered food himself through Instacart from a mobile phone.

"Never am I laughing at the [inmate's] situation, as I wish that on no one, but the humor of it all just kept me laughing," she said.

Fox News Digital reached out to Instacart, Georgia Diagnostic and Classification State Prison for comment.

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