Georgia income tax refunds: Gov. Brian Kemp signs bill amid budget surplus

The Department of Revenue confirmed Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has signed a bill that will deliver additional income tax refunds due to the state's budget surplus.

Kemp on Wednesday signed the $1.1 billion refund plan into law. 

HB 1302 will refund some or all of 2020 income taxes for 2020 and 2021 filers.


How much to expect for Georgia income tax refunds

The Department of Revenue said single filers receive a $250 refund, single adults with dependents receive a $375 refund and married couples receive $500. 

When will the Georgia issue tax refunds?

Georgians may receive their checks in the coming weeks.

The Department of Revenue says it will attempt to include the HB 1302 refund along with other refund amounts due on 2021 returns.  

The state will issue a separate refund for Georgians who already filed taxes for 2021 prior to the bill becoming law.

Taxes are due April 18 without an extension.

How to get additional Georgia income tax refunds

Georgians who filed taxes in 2020 and 2021 by the deadline will receive the sum along with the regular state refund. 

No additional action is necessary for people who already filed their 2021 taxes. 

The Department of Revenue will send the refund to your designated bank account or by check.

What's in HB 1302?

The bill defines a 'qualified taxpayer' as someone who filed an individual income tax return for both the 2020 and 2021, excluding:

  • Nonresidents
  • Estates or trusts
  • Dependents

The Department of Revenue will issue one-time refunds based on the 2021 filing status. 

The additional refund amounts are:

  • $250 for a single taxpayer or a married taxpayer filing a separate return,
  • $375 for a head of household with dependents
  • $500 for married couples filing jointly

The bill states the additional refunds are not taxable for Georgia income tax purposes.

The refunds cannot be greater than the taxpayer's individual income tax liability.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.