Georgia deputy makes sure groom's car crash doesn't wreck wedding

A groom's car wrecked on the way to his wedding didn't interrupt the ceremony, thanks to a Georgia sheriff's deputy will to give him a ride.

Jon Dial and three of his groomsmen were driving to his wedding Friday when their car was involved in a crash just a couple of miles from the venue in Monroe.

Fortunately, a Walton County deputy ended up giving them a ride to make sure they arrived on time.

The Walton County Sheriff's Office posted about the ordeal on Facebook.

"When a groom is on his way to his wedding and is involved in a traffic accident, who gets him to the wedding on time. We do," the post reads.

The groom's mother, Amylee Hammond, said later she is "forever grateful" to the sheriff's office.

"From the mama of the groom, I am so thankful to WCSO!! WCSO cares about the people of this county," she said on Facebook. "I personally am forever grateful to each of you."