Georgia authorities save starving dog

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Douglas County authorities have launched an animal cruelty investigation after they said they had saved a starving dog from a home just in the nick of time. They said 2-year-old Phoenix, a boxer mix, was so underweight he weighed just half of what he should have.

Phoenix was currently receiving treatment at the Douglas County Animal Services facility and required around the clock care.

FOX 5 News was allowed to spend a few minutes with Phoenix Friday afternoon.  But his condition was so fragile he had to stay in his cage while we recorded our video

“What I can say is that there is an open investigation,” said Douglas County spokesman Rick Martin.

There is hope for Phoenix, but it will be a long and difficult road to recovery for him and a costly one for Douglas County Animal Services.

Efforts are underway to raises thousands of dollars needed for his care.

Douglas County said Phoenix was in safe and capable hands because of concerned citizen reported their suspicions to authorities.

Click here to view the Douglas County Humane Society page which is collecting donations for Phoenix’s care.