Georgetown boy at center of dismissed swing set lawsuit becomes honorary Wilco deputy, SWAT team member

Colton Costa, a 3-year-old boy facing a terminal diagnosis, became an honorary Williamson County Sheriff’s Deputy and SWAT team member Tuesday. 

The ‘deputy’ is no stranger to the law. Last week, Colton's next-door neighbors tried to sue his parents over their swing set, a swing set they bought to ensure Colton could make the most of life.

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Colton has Hurler syndrome or MPS1. He is not expected to live through his twenties and will likely develop severe orthopedic issues around age 10. 

Shortly after FOX 7 Austin's story aired, the lawsuit was dropped. The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office reached out to FOX 7 Austin and asked to be put in touch with Colton’s family. 

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On Tuesday, Colton and his mother were driven from their Georgetown home to the office’s Deputy AW Grimes Law Enforcement Training Center in Hutto. 

“We just wanted to offer an opportunity for Colton to come to our training center and run around like he would in his backyard on that playscape and something to kind of distract him and give him the opportunity to see some goodwill,” said Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody. 

Colton and his cousins got to meet a department K-9, a puppy, see a robot, drone and even went on their own special ‘SWAT mission.’ They tracked down a ‘bad guy’ played by a member of the sheriff’s office. 

“Just seeing the joy it brings him literally just brings me to tears. Because as a mom, that’s all I want, I want him to live his happiest best life, and he got to today,”  said Colton’s mother Kim Costa.