GBI: Teen in custody shoots officer, second officer fires back

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Authorities said a 15-year-old boy in the custody of the Juvenile Justice Department attacked one of the officers, shooting her with one of the officer’s own guns Wednesday. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said it is investigating after another officer opened fire on the teen.

Officers from multiple agencies swarmed the area near a gas station near Interstate 75 and Georgia Highway 20 in Henry County Wednesday afternoon following the shooting. The GBI said a handcuffed juvenile under escort managed to climb over the backseat of a government car and wrestle to get the weapon of a female officer away from her while she was driving.

Police said the teen’s action sent the car into chaos, striking and taking down a street sign.

That boy, whose name has not yet been released by officials, was able to get his hands sufficiently around that weapon making it discharge, injuring the officer.

The boy had been in the rear seat with one male officer. The Juvenile Justice Commissioner said an internal investigation will examine everything that happened in the transport. Commissioner Avery Niles said it is not unusual to transport by car.