GBI investigates Henry County officer-involved shooting

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The GBI is investigating how a man was shot and killed by Henry County Police as the SWAT team descended on a home on Swan Lake Drive.

GBI investigators said the man family identified as 33-year-old Ryan Johnson barricaded himself in the home with a gun, after police responded to a domestic dispute Friday night. 

Police had been called to the home at 7 p.m. earlier that evening, but returned to the home with the SWAT team around 12 a.m. Saturday; a 911 call reported that Johnson had fired a gun at his father but missed.

Family members said Johnson lived at the home with his father.

Investigators said they had trouble communicating with Johnson while he was barricaded in the home.

The GBI said shortly before 3 a.m., the SWAT team entered the home, and officers tried to subdue Johnson with a stun gun, and also fired shots at him and killed him.

"Something went terribly wrong. Our family can only remain in the dark on why Ryan is dead," said sister Chelsea Christy, reading a statement written by their mother.

"I asked to speak with my son. That was not allowed. It may have made a different outcome in how the story ended," said mother Barbara Johnson Speed, who said she and her family were kept back from the home while the SWAT team surrounded the scene.

Family members said Johnson had been drinking and suffered from anxiety.

Henry County Police said two officers are on administrative leave.