GBI Chief Medical Examiner abruptly retires

The GBI Director says his longtime chief medical examiner has announced his retirement.

The director says Doctor Kris Sperry is embarrassed over findings that he claimed to be working at the GBI when he was actually working a second job.

Dr. Sperry's second job as an expert witness in court was the subject of a FOX 5 I-team investigation six years ago. At the time, GBI director Vernon Keenan vowed to keep Dr. Sperry’s consulting business under control.

That all exploded recently with a devastating investigation by the Atlanta Journal Constitution that found that 67 times since 2010 Dr. Sperry claimed to be working for the state, when he was working as an expert witness.

Director Keenan says he examined the time sheets and decided to dock Dr. Sperry some 5 1/2 months’ worth of leave. Keenan believes there was no intent to defraud the state, only sloppy paperwork. He is turning over his findings to the Attorney General's office.

Senior I-Team reporter Dale Russell says new accusations lead to Dr. Sperry's sudden retirement.