GBI Agent's Gun Stolen

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There is serious concern that a GBI Agent's shotgun, his ammunition, Taser, and body armor are in the hands of a criminal now.

Atlanta Police said someone lurking in a Buckhead parking deck on Sydney Marcus Boulevard smashed the windows of five vehicles, including the veteran agent's work truck and grabbed the state issued belongings.

Police said the smash and grabs were discovered about 3 a.m. Tuesday.

People who work in the area are uneasy.

"It does kinda erode the sense of security in the overall community,” said contractor Jon Copeland who works jobs in Buckhead.

The GBI told FOX 5 News the veteran agent is from Douglas, Georgia and was in town for work related training while staying at the Holiday Inn Express.

An agent said the lawman had his state issued Ford F-150 truck locked, but did not follow additional security measures regarding his shotgun and ammunition.

Atlanta Police and the GBI want to find that weapon. They worry it is in the wrong hands.

“It's gonna have a serial number on it and eventually it is gonna come up. Law enforcement will find it somewhere, somehow and if it's in your possession that's an extra charge and complication," Copeland commented.

The GBI told us they have put all available resources into finding that shotgun, but they acknowledge the agent didn't follow all of the department procedures.

"Although the weapon was concealed, it should have been placed in a trunk under lock and key,” Deputy Director of Public Affairs Nelly Miles remarked.