Gaston Co. father and Army Veteran fights for his son

It’s been more than a year since Matt Spasbo has seen his only son, Stanley. Spasbo has contacted authorities after his ex-wife took Stanley to Costa Rica for a visit, and then never came back. Spasbo said "The judge ordered them to be back on August 2nd, but they never came back."

As part of the divorce terms, both parents were given joint custody of Stanley. Spasbo filed a missing child's report, and contacted the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, he was told his son was abducted by his ex-wife, and that’s when Spasbo knew he needed to get his son back. Spasbo said "I have one chance to get it right - or else I never see him again."

Stanley’s passport has been frozen, and an international alert has been placed on his ex-wife’s passport. Meaning if either one tried to leave Costa Rica, the authorities will be alerted. Now, Spasbo has to physically go to Costa Rica to appear before a judge, and beg and plead to get his son back to the United States. Spasbo "He's so far behind, if he comes back to the US, he'll need special tutoring."

Spasbo has depleted his checking, savings and 401K accounts over the past year. Now, his family has started a GoFundMe account to help pay for his expenses when he goes to Costa Rica.