Gas prices heading down

Get ready for another significant break at the gas pump. Several analysts said factors are favorable for gasoline to go back down, even to the two dollar neighborhood later this year.

In fact, on one day this week, the price dropped by 12 cents.

In the metro area, the average is at $2.74 per gallon unleaded, according to the AAA auto club.

Mansfield Oil, a major fuel supplier in North America, sees several factors coming together that will help your wallet.

The Atlanta region has to pay more for environmental summer gas. That added fee will come off. Children next month will start heading back to school, signaling the end to the summer driving season. And with supply staying up and global demand likely going down, that all means Atlanta and Georgia prices can get back to the two dollar level by the end of the year.

Some of the southern neighbors to Georgia are already seeing cheaper fuel. In Charlotte, you can find gas at the pump as low as $2.25.

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