Gaming jobs are big business in Georgia

Does your kid like video games? Heck, do you like video games? Well, you can earn a very good living in the gaming business.

And the World Congress Center this weekend will be wide open for so many job opportunities at this year's MomoCon Convention.


- 3,200 gaming jobs in Georgia

- $96,000 is the average compensation package.

- 13 college degree programs in the state

At Hi-Rez Studios in Alpharetta they employ more than 400 people, most of them under the age of 30.   It's a high-tech facility where you can be a programmer, producer, project manager, customer support. There's also character, concepts and animator designers. They have software builders, artists, marketers. I could go on and on. But I'm going to let Isiah Turner tell you more. He's a community producer for a game called Smite. He chats with gamers and takes their feedback to the bosses. This is a dream job.

"I was always a gamer, a gamer by heart. I've been in love with video games since I was a little kid. So it was always my dream to get involved and get a job in the video gaming industry and work with the games I play on all day."

Sound good? Then head to the World Congress Center this weekend for MomoCon. It runs through Sunday. It's a visual explosion of anime, animation, gaming and comics. It's for fans. And for folks looking to work in the field. And Scarlet Dangerfield, and yes that's the coolest name ever, well, her team at Hi-Rez Studios will be there. If you'll be job hunting here are her tips.

"Just do some research on the different companies that will be there. They should be on the MomoCon website. Always good to know about the different employers and why you're interested in them. Check out our games if you have time. Always brings your resume and portfolio if you have one."

Whether you're here for fun or to find a job, the owner of MomoCon says just come on down and be the best geek you can be.  His words, not mine.

"Geek is a perfectly OK term. Nerd might have a little bit of a derogatory connotations but even nerd is fine," said Christopher Stuckey.

It's a four-day event. The MomoCon website has all the details about where to park and the hours for this all-ages event.