Ga. family surprises delivery driver with basket of goodies

Delivery drivers often have it rough around the holidays, dropping off what seems like an endless supply of gifts and packages. One driver got an unexpected surprise while on his route, thanks to a kindhearted Georgia family. 

Susan McWilliams Gilchrist decided to leave a basket of goodies outside her front door as a show of gratitude toward the hardworking delivery drivers. She said she got the idea after seeing similar acts of kindness being shared on Facebook. 

Gilchrist left a wicker basket outside, filled with Sprite cans, Cheez-Its, pretzels, and other snacks. It also included a note that read, "Thank you for our many deliveries! Please enjoy some snacks!"

Shortly after putting the treats outside her door, a driver dropped off a package and had a priceless reaction when he realized what the Gilchrists had left for him. 

"Oh my God," the driver said. "I feel so loved!" 

Gilchrist captured the heartwarming reaction on her Ring surveillance video. She thinks he was an Amazon delivery driver. 

"I nearly cried when I caught this video on my camera," she said. "Love that we were able to make him feel so loved."