Fulton County takes over home after complaints

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Fulton County seizes a troubled property at 730 Dill Avenue in Atlanta after hundreds of complaints this week. The Fulton County District Attorney’s Office calls it a “historic victory.” Neighbors say they are grateful for anything done to make their area safer.

Atlanta Police testified this home has so many grievances, you would think it’s an apartment complex, not a single family home. On the list, countless community complaints, including 67 calls for service from neighbors to Atlanta Police, 12 controlled drug purchases, nine search warrants, various drug crimes, and the July 2, 2016 murder of Vincent Sanders by Kevin Pate. The county says they served the owner four “cease and desist” letters to clean up the place and when that owner didn’t cooperate, they moved in to take over.

Future plans for the property, the county will work with Atlanta Housing to fix the place up and temporarily house a police officer. Then they say the will make the house available to a low-income buyer. The DA’s office reports they identified 88 more properties like this one to flip into better and safer homes.