Fulton County Sheriff's Office employee praised for helping lost woman

Fulton County Sheriff's Office Lt. A. Hudson and Juvenile Court Officer J. Pearson (Fulton County Sheriff's Office)

Fulton County Sheriff's Office's Lt. A. Hudson is being praised for his role in reuniting a lost woman with her loved ones. 

The woman, who is reported to be showing early signs of dementia, wandered away from her family while they were at a store.

The woman encountered Officer J. Pearson (Juvenile Court), who was working an approved second job nearby. Officer Pearson stayed with the woman for hours, trying to locate her family.

With Officer Pearson’s help, Lt. Hudson was able to track down the woman’s last known address, and her date of birth. Working with Deputy L. Rhynehardt, they were able to find a phone number within DMV records, and contact the woman’s family. 

The family was overjoyed to be reunited with their loved one, and expressed their gratitude to Lt. Hudson, and the entire team, for their tireless efforts, according to the Sheriff's Office.