Fulton County Sheriff's cadet arrested

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A Fulton County Sheriff's Office cadet has been charged with smuggling a cell phone into the jail. Her name is Antelita Todd. She had worked as a detention officer and was on the way to becoming a fully sworn deputy. 

But now her career path has come to a swift end, at least in Fulton, with an internal investigation, which the sheriff said turned up the contraband. 

Jail personnel bringing phones, cigarettes and other items to prisoners is not new. Still, the sheriff, through periodic raids, has slowed the activity. The phone issue is most concerning to the authorities because inmates have used them to continue running criminal operations. 

An alleged contraband smuggler is frowned upon by other law enforcement, as the activity is seen as running counter to the mission. 

Todd appeared before a judge Thursday and was granted a bond. As she walked out of the jail, Todd called the charge a lie and bemoaned the fact that her career is in trouble because of a cell phone.